pt 42 lr1 question 5

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pt 42 lr1 question 5

Postby petrovovitch@ » Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:01 pm

can someone explain to me why B is the answer? it seems like this is just an argument from authority and does nothing in and of itself to resolve the paradox...?


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Re: pt 42 lr1 question 5

Postby lawyerwannabe » Wed Sep 22, 2010 3:25 pm

This one is tricky.

When I took the test, I used POE to narrow it down to (B) and (D).

I was expecting an answer along the lines of, "People who receive both drugs and physical therapy tend to have the most serious back injuries." Nonetheless:

Eliminate (A) - This contradicts what I prephrased as a potential answer
Eliminate (C) - This means that some have been healed without drugs too since patients who only receive physical therapy do just as well as those who receive both drugs and physical therapy.
Eliminate (E) - That's nice that drugs and physical therapy is a good combination of treatment for other muscle injuries. Unfortunately, all we care about is back muscle injuries. Also, the answer choice directly contradicts part of the stimulus.

Now we are left with (B) and (D).

Looking back at my prephrasing, (B) oddly seems to say what I initially said, simply in a very convoluted way. Furthermore, (D) involves only drugs as a treatment. The stimulus does not give us that option.

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