HELP! LSAT score has reached a Plateau of 169-170

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HELP! LSAT score has reached a Plateau of 169-170

Postby Er6297 » Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:06 pm

Hey everyone,
I was hoping some people could speak from experience and give me advice about my LSAT score. I started with a 155 back in June but decided not to take the June test, I am registered for the October exam which I intend on taking but my score has reached a peak of 169-170. At one point while studying over the summer I was really nailing practice tests PT(1-10) and scoring in the 172-175 range. But I took 3 weeks off from studying in July and I have not been able to get up to that level since. I was wondering if anyone has come across a similar problem, - was my score artificially inflated because tests 1-10 are a little easier than more recent tests, - do you think it could be the result of “burn out”? – or does it really take a lot of time and practice to maintain a mid 170 score since I’m not really a natural 170 test taker.
I would really appreciate any suggestions that people have, and with 5 weeks to go I’m willing to try anything.

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Re: HELP! LSAT score has reached a Plateau of 169-170

Postby St.Remy » Wed Sep 01, 2010 3:26 pm

I think it's probably a combination of a couple of the factors you listed. First and most importantly it does indeed take a lot of practice to reliably hit in the 170s, especially when you started off scoring substantially lower. The other facet of your problem is probably that the earliest tests have a slightly different focus than the more modern ones- not to say that the tests are easier, just that they are different. I would recommend doing tests 40 and on in the coming weeks so that you become familiar with the modern test focus and so that you more reliably get high scores. If you've hit a score once it's definitely possible to hit it again so long as you keep practicing and remember to review questions after every test.

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