Can I raise my score to the mid 170s by the October LSAT?

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Re: Can I raise my score to the mid 170s by the October LSAT?

Postby Audio Technica Guy » Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:24 am

naterj wrote:Yeah I see what youre saying but from my experience (being a self studier) its not like I sit there and stare at questions hoping I will eventually understand it. If I'm struggling with something I search answers/explanations online or something.

Yeah, but I still think its significantly harder. For good scorers (165-170) there is nothing that takes the place of you doing a problem in front of an experienced teacher, and then talking about your reasoning as you go through the problem. Even on a message board, that's still kind of hard. Also, there is just so much blatantly wrong information out there on the internet that was put out by people who aren't particularly good at the LSAT, that its hard for a student to sift through the crap, where an experienced tutor or teacher knows what works.

Think of just this site alone, which is better than most, how much info on this site was written by people who can't break 170? How much of it was put out by people who claim to have broken 170 and didn't? I'm not saying you have to break 170 to give good advice, but its just as good of a metric as you'll find. Compound that by the fact that most people aren't very good at explaining things to others. There are some legit people on this site who know their stuff and explain things well. However, there are some people that will say things that are just wrong, and unless you're an absolute expert, its often difficult to tell the difference.

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Re: Can I raise my score to the mid 170s by the October LSAT?

Postby greyblob » Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:25 pm

Audio Technica Guy wrote:I think the bigger issue is that usually the last 7 points is harder to get than the first 14, and its taken him 4 months to get those 14 and he has two months to get those last 7. Again, it's possible with a lot of dedicated practice, its just not likely, especially with self study.

Actually, it's taken me three months. I started at the end of April. I think around April 27th? For the first month, my score went down, then back to the initial starting point. Then starting in June, my score has slowly, but surely, risen.

I averaged around 167 this week. Yep - I created this post so I could gauge what a "realistic" goal would be for me in the upcoming months. I guess I've got my work cut out for me.

Seriously, thanks for the replies. I greatly appreciate them (even the few sarcastic, unfriendly ones...)! I'll let you guys know in two months time if it was, indeed, possible. :)

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