Reading strategy for LR questions

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Reading strategy for LR questions

Postby Unshake » Thu Jul 08, 2010 7:16 pm

I'm working through the LR bible right now and doing practice questions out of the Kaplan mastery. For what it's worth I've done well on every section scoring over 93% on each question type except method of reasoning (77.7% over 50 questions)

Basically, I feel by drilling certain question types only I'm sort of cheating myself because when I do practice problems I only read for certain elements. For example when I do Main Point questions, I basically just read and outline the premises and conclusion in my head then jump to the answers. When you take sections what exactly do you read for when reading the stimulus? Anyone else experienced this problem?

Anyways, here is the real problem. Obviously, some things jump out at me, for example when you see causal reasoning or flaws in logic they just sort of click. I feel like I'm really struggling in method of reasoning because I don't really know what I should look for. How do you analyze the stimulus and what goes through your mind when you reading these questions/choices? I guess what I'm asking is how to do you approach method of reasoning questions? Sort of a weird question, I guess. I'm aware that each question is a different world, but I'm looking for general approaches.

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