Advice on retake preparation greatly appreciated!

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Advice on retake preparation greatly appreciated!

Postby agenthero » Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:13 pm

Hi. Thanks in advance for reading.

I just scored a 159 on the June LSAT. I had prepared by going through the Logic Games Bible and the Powerscore LR book as well as taking somewhere around 10 PTs, but I'm not sure I did all I could (oftentimes I wouldn't do all the practice or really pay attention if I started understanding a concept). I was scoring in the mid-160s (with one as high as 169) on the PTs. Reading comprehension was by far my best section, and I was routinely getting -2 or -3 on the section. On the real test, however, it was my fourth section and I think a mixture of fatique and god-knows-what-else caused me to miss 7, so I'm thinking this is what caused the serious dip. I've decided to retake the test in October.

My question to you all is whether or not I should take a class before then and, if so, whether you would suggest Powerscore or Testmasters (seemingly the two most popular). I get a scholarship from my job as a caddie at a golf course (somewhere from $1500-$2000) so I could afford the course, even though it would mean both less time and much less money to party with in my last semester at college (just being realistic, sorry!). Or do you think I would be better off retracing my steps through the books and practicing more tests?

I'm inclined to just take the class. Money is just money, and I'll probably feel better going into the test believing I did all I could, but if it's just going to seem like 80 hours of review from those books I mentioned I'll probably regret it. Also, I'm confident with more practice I could definitely score 165+.

I'm a finance major, and elected self-study the first time around because I'm so good at simply reading on my own during college and getting As, but on the other hand I've always really needed in-class lecturing/examples in mathematics, so maybe my LSAT skills are similar to those.

Thanks again,.. really any help would be greatly appreciated.

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