Why I plan to retake in October

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Why I plan to retake in October

Postby Chimica » Tue Jun 08, 2010 1:02 pm

So I wrote the LSAT yesterday and it went OK.

However, I don't feel I did as well as I could (guessed 4 or 5 on LG, rushed on RC and semi-guessed on 3 or 4, LR was OK now that I'm pretty sure the third section was experimental).

But I don't think it was the test itself. I just think that I could do better. I know I am capable of nailing the LG and I didn't and I think I should be able to handle RC, as I have read hundreds (um thousands maybe) of pretty dense scientific papers.

However, the main reason I want to retake is that I think the studying actually makes me smarter. My thinking was becoming clearer and more precise. I care about phrasing, I read more critically, I am more logical and feel like my brain pathways are getting cleared out, if that makes sense. Basically I think I can get more out of the LSAT and it will benefit me in the long run. I have never encountered a test that makes you think so much, that is so challenging to study for and that so many smart people respect so much.

Ironically I'm not certain I wish to go to law school and, even if I do, it will be to the decent one in my hometown. My score yesterday should get me in, as long as I did as well as my lowest practice exam (well, at least after the diagnostic).

But I think I have more to learn from the LSAT and I miss the studying. So retake, here I come. (Ideally, my score would be high enough that I can teach a course for next time, as being paid to study would be awesome)

Anyone else?

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