The Rundown

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The Rundown

Postby 3|ink » Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:49 pm

Here was my test:


For those of you who don't know, the experimental has historically been one of the first three sections. Therefore, the 1st RC section was experimental.

RC (real) - Not too bad, but I was distracted/bummed by the fact that the first RC was experimental. I did so well on it. I predict I went -2 to -4.

LR - Manageable. Nothing too difficult. I predict -2 to -4

LG - HARD. The last game sucked. I figured out the big deduction after time expired, but it was all too late. I guess on all 6. It sucks, because I've taken 10 practice tests and averaged -2 in games. On this test, I predict -4 to -6 (since I guessed the same answer for all 6, I probably got at least one correct).

My curve prediction: -9 for a 170.

My score prediction: 165 give or take 5. It sucks because I've been scoring 169 consistently for weeks. Screw you, LSAC.

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