Losing finesse from repetition?

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Losing finesse from repetition?

Postby bartleby » Wed May 19, 2010 1:47 pm

I've been really cramming the last three weeks. I probably spend 6-7 hours a day actually doing LSAT problems and then 3-4 hours worrying about the LSAT. I've been focusing exclusively on LR and RC because my LG is (or was) pretty sharp.

Yesterday I did my first 5 section LR LR RC RC LG exam and I found that I was really losing a lot of finesse, particularly in games and LR. Instead of looking for inferences or quickly mapping out conditional/causal statements, I was brute forcing a lot. As in on almost every problem. I still did pretty well -4 in LR total and -0 in LG but I know on the real thing it is going to be a lot faster, a lot more nerve wracking, and mass brute forcing is never a good idea.

Am I losing my finesse from doing too many LSAT problems? I'm not burning out because I do absolutely nothing besides studying and chill a lot reading or watching TV. How should I fix this- do problems more slowly and work on method? Or should I just continue what I'm doing since we are only 2.5 weeks out...


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Re: Losing finesse from repetition?

Postby WWAD » Wed May 19, 2010 1:51 pm

Take time off. Let your brain come to grips with some of what it has taken in. You will still be thinking about it, but you are stressing your brain. Better in the next couple of days so that you can hit it hard again in the last two weeks. Do NOTHING lsat of a day or two. You still have time to break and then do a lot for two weeks.

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