How to improve on logic games

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How to improve on logic games

Postby Saltqjibo » Sun May 16, 2010 6:01 pm

I thought I would share this with any of you who are struggling as logic games has been the bane of my LSAT taking existence for the last little while and It seems to just now be truly clicking. I started out -10 and 10 minutes over and after studying for a month could barely get to -8 or -10 under 35 minutes. Every other section I could do -3 at worst with little studying.

I went through powerscore and "ace the lsat logic games" with little noticeable improvement, and I was getting so frustrated with the section that I would panic on every past test and bomb it... What I finally did was buy the packages cambridge lsat prepares of the first 1-40 tests by the groupings that they use (i don't really know if the categories they use are useful or not), and just drill like crazy 4-5 hours a day while ignoring everything else. Over the last week or so I've probably done literally 200+ games (obviously repeating some two or three times). Timing each one and aiming not just to be under 8 minutes but to get the easiest ones down to 3 or 4 minutes tops.

Until I started taking past tests again I wasn't really sure if I was actually improving or if I just remembered the main inferences for all the games. However, when I sat down and actually did a few tests with new games I hadn't seen before I was extremely pleasantly surprised. Probably as a result of all this drilling and from moving from the games in 1-40 to the games in the 40s and 50s (much easier), in the 3 tests I've taken I've had a -4, -3 and -2 on the section - but with tons of time left to bubble. In fact, the last test I took (#45) I finished the games section in 20 mins. Obviously I still have a bit of accuracy to work on, but this improvement for me has been absolutely amazing, literally bringing my score from high 160s/ very low 70s to consistently mid 170s. More importantly I don't feel panicked about the section anymore, but actually look forward to it as a break from all the lengthy reading.

So hopefully that might help anyone who's still struggling a bit. Everyone told me to drill like crazy too, but until I actually did it I didn't realize how incredibly helpful it could be. So seriously, if your like me and the rest of the stuff comes fairly easy except the games then just say screw it, and spend all your time drilling. It will definitly raise your score.

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