PT 14, Sect 1, Q1-6

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PT 14, Sect 1, Q1-6

Postby kmarks » Fri May 14, 2010 7:13 am

The entire first game stumped me today! :oops:

LG is my strongest section, and its rare for me to get a game that really trips me up (my only source of pride during these dreadfully long hours of LSAT studying). BUT! today, I opened PT 14 and for whatever reason, something just wasn't clicking. After 30 minutes of trial and error, I was finally able to answer all six questions but, obviously, that's too much time. I read through the Kaplan explanations but its still not making sense, for whatever reason.

Would anyone be willing to help me out? Provide another explanation that might help? ANYTHING?

Thanks so much!!

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Re: PT 14, Sect 1, Q1-6

Postby Aro5389 » Fri May 14, 2010 9:12 am

Okay, this is my first time posting on this board and I know we can't post questions, so I'm not sure how it works but I'm assuming it's not breaking rules to explain.

So from what you said, the whole game is kinda iffy to you so the main thing that helped me get a good understanding of this game was grasping the rules. I also went over Kaplan explanations and the key is to know that the game can ONLY take a 1-1-3 format or a 1-2-2. F must be a technician, and G must be either a manager or the President. So we get something like:

A. (G) - ( _ ) - ( F _ _ )
B. ( _ ) - (G) - ( F _ _ )


C.(G) - ( _ _ ) - ( F _ )
D.( _ ) - ( G _ ) - ( F _ ) <----- this can't work because G can't be manager in this scenario, see question 3.

So from that you can basically start applying rules to the different setups. The main thing to remember is each employee is supervised by someone except president and each employee supervises someone except technicians. Here is where I think people get messed up (or at least I did): PRESIDENT CAN SUPERVISE TECHNICIANS!

So rolling through the questions...

1. You can clearly deduce from the 1-1-3 or 1-2-2 formats that only 2 can be correct, and the 1-1-2 clearly is wrong because F must be a technician.
2. Right away it says at most can be 3 technicians, which is confirmed by 1-1-3 format.
3. Eliminate the first two choices because F is ONLY a technician and thus is not a manager and therefore not an option. Now, if there are 2 managers as this question is indicating, it MUST be the 1-2-2 format. If G is a manager, he MUST supervise 2 employees.... therefore both technicians are supervised by G. But what about the other manager? Who will he/she supervise? Therefore, G doesn't work. The last option must work.
4. What COULD be true? There's 2 managers exactly. Why? Because 1-2-2 format confirms this.
5. Okay so this one needs drawing to help better. Let's go ahead and eliminate format C (1-2-2). Why? Because if G is supervising at least one manager and F, that leaves one technician left. 2 managers, 1 technician to be supervised = bad problem. Can't work because they both need at least one to supervise. Therefore it must be a 1-1-3 format, and thus must be one manager.
6. Basically this one is similar to the last, but not only do we have to find G two employees to supervise but now K as well. Therefore, we must use a 1-1-3. President supervises 1 manager and 1 technician, and manager supervises 2 technicians. Since K and G must supervise, they must be the president and manager, either could either role. Therefore you can eliminate 4 of the options and realize L must be supervised.

Hope that helped :)


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Re: PT 14, Sect 1, Q1-6

Postby kmarks » Mon May 17, 2010 7:47 pm

Thanks :) I think this may be one of those question types that I'm gonna need to review over and over again ... but you've definitely helped!

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