LSAT Prep: Early-Summer vs. Mid-Summer

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LSAT Prep: Early-Summer vs. Mid-Summer

Postby in_to_win » Mon May 03, 2010 1:10 pm

So I've made the decision to go with Testmasters for my LSAT prep needs, but I'm a bit torn on which summer course to take. Although my first preference is to take the Early Summer course, I've got some responsibilities in early summer that I should attend to. The principal difference between the Early-Summer and Mid-Summer course is that there's a 3-week gap between the last instructional course and the first of 2 "Jam" sessions with the Early-Summer course.

So in sum, I guess my question is, when taking LSAT prep courses, how important is an unencumbered period of self-study after the instructional courses?


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Re: LSAT Prep: Early-Summer vs. Mid-Summer

Postby Norwood » Mon May 03, 2010 1:28 pm

Answers will probably vary from person to person, but I've personally found a self study period after testmasters was absolutely necessary for me. I took the mid-spring TM course leading up to the June LSAT last year, and by the time I finished the course I felt like I could've done a whole lot more self studying. I decided to cancel my June test, studied throughout the summer where I increased my score quite dramatically, and took the September LSAT.

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