HELP, I suck at standardize tests

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HELP, I suck at standardize tests

Postby LSAT_Padawan » Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:04 pm

(SIGNED) I've been taking a Testmaster's course and have not seen any significant gains; I am consistently scoring in the low 140s. I am scheduled to take the LSAT in June. I am in the lesson 11 out of 16 of TM and for the last month or so, I can barely comprehend what the instructor is teaching. At this point, I have kind of given up hope on trying to apply to UCLA or USC. I have been self studying for 2 months before I started the Testmaster's prep class, which would make this my 4th consecutive month of full time studying. Should I just go ahead a take the real thing in June and hope the a T3 school accepts me? I do not want to postpone any longer because I am getting too old. Any thoughts?


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Re: HELP, I suck at standardize tests

Postby LSATclincher » Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:40 pm

My initial diagnostic in September was 136, and in 2 months using Testmasters, I jumped to a 156. But it was 2 months of strict studying, and it led to mental burnout. In December, I decided not to show up for the real LSAT. I planned to continue studying until I broke 160. I took some time away from studying to really decide what my "goal" of a score was going to be. I began studying again back in late January. But this time, I took a more relaxed approach only studying a few hours a week. In my 3 recent diagnostics, I scored 157, 154, and 151. I believe the inconsistency is solely due to lack of concentration. I also think I might reduce my "goal" score to a 157 and hope for a top-100 school. It might take some pressure off myself when taking the practice tests.

In your case, get a "goal" score and shoot for it. You'll need at least above the average of 151. Postpone the June test, and schedule for the October test. If you are in the low-140s now, you likely won't increase your score 10 points. Along with Testmasters, I found both of the bibles helpful from Powerscore: LG and LR. One more thing...Don't take the PT's from Testmasters. Just print them and save them for over the summer. Focus on practicing your weak sections until you hit 150. Then start mixing in PT's. I think you should hit your "goal" score, or above it, a few times before taking the real test.

Good luck!

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