where to go with prep from here?

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where to go with prep from here?

Postby afa_brandon » Sun Apr 18, 2010 9:43 pm

I have completed the LG bible and the LR bible, as well as all of those sections in "Next 10.." I plan on going through all of the RC in that same book, then doing superprep A, B and C under timed conditions to see where i stand. I'll start doing PTs 40-59 in May.

At this point, I am, on average, missing 3 per LR section, 5 per LG section and 3 in the few RC sections i've tried from PTs in the early 20s. So my question is: assuming those numbers hold through SuperPrep, should I spend the week or so between SuperPrep and my PT home-stretch trying to improve LR or LG?

LGs I'm not great at inferences, so games usually take me an awfully long time (usually most of the 5 i miss are on one game b/c of time constraints).

LRs, no one question type kills me, but i usually miss #17, #21 or both, which is odd i think.

Right now I"m leaning towards LRs simply b/c if i can reduce my avg #wrong by 1, it functionally doubles the same improvement in LG.

I'd give a toe for above a 170, and I think i'm in the 167-169 range, so I'm just trying to improve a little.



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Re: where to go with prep from here?

Postby jamesieee » Mon Apr 19, 2010 4:25 am

LG. The five points here will be much more easily gained than the six in LR. Given your solid performance on the other sections, I wouldn't be surprised if you can get yourself up to the level of consistently scoring -0 on LG with smart and disciplined studying.

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