LSAT Logical Reasoning

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LSAT Logical Reasoning

Postby nids333 » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:50 am

Does anyone have any views on what method is more effective, reading the question stem before or after reading the passage?


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Re: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Postby PartyOfOne » Wed Mar 17, 2010 10:57 am

Absolutely, 100%, no doubt about it: read the question stem before the passage.

If you read the passage first, more often than not, you will end up having to re-read the passage after seeing the question stem. That is a huge waste of time, and will ultimately make it difficult to complete the section.

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Re: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Postby bluejayk » Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:03 am

Absolutely, 100%, no doubt about it: read the passage before the question stem.

Just kidding. I think the difference between the two is extremely overblown. I've heard of plenty of 99th percentile scorers who do either. I read the stimulus first, got -1/-2 on LR on the real thing. I tried reading the question stem first in some practice tests, found it a little bit distracting but it didn't slow me down, really. I think just about anyone could do fine either way.


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Re: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Postby pattymac » Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:32 am

I skim the stem for what type of question it is...not the answer choices.

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Re: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Postby quasi-stellar » Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:36 am

I don't think it matters all that much. However, I found it helpful to treat LR passages as problems rather than just passages of text. I practiced older questions a lot and eventually everything came together. As I read through the passages now I see the underlying structures so that even the hardest questions don't trick me as much as they used to.
So long as you have a solid understanding of the arguments you should be able to identify correct answers no matter what stem you're presented with.


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Re: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Postby memaha » Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:49 am


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Re: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Postby tomwatts » Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:25 pm

Just as further evidence of what I've been saying in all the previous incarnations of this topic: PT31, Section 3, Question 10 is an Inference question that has a conclusion. If I didn't read the stem first to know that I was dealing with an Inference question, I might ID conclusion and premises and then look for flaws and so forth. This would be a waste, and it's far from the only question in which this would occur.

Stem first all the way. You read for different things depending on what the stem is asking you for.


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Length of study

Postby Marshlaw » Wed Mar 17, 2010 7:09 pm

I'm trying to study for the June LSAT and I just finished my first diag. I got a pretty low score (less than 140). I think I'll need serious help. What's the best way to study? Thanks!


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Re: LSAT Logical Reasoning

Postby vandy2012 » Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:09 pm

Marshlaw: As a beginner myself, I found that identifying the arguments is fastest way to improve RC and LR. Once you have identified the argument in LR, the questions become much clearer and the answer figuratively 'jumps out' at you. I improved by 10 points from a diagnostic, without any 'prep', by simply identifying the argument in the LR then finding a premise in the answer choices that either strengthens or weakens the argument I identified in the stimulus'

I do not intend on taking the LSAT for a few years considering I am a sophomore, but that is a quick tip that I figured out without any prep courses. Definitely recommend looking into a prep course then evaluate further weaknesses after you have a better understanding of the test

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