Kaplan Advanced v. Powerscore

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Kaplan Advanced v. Powerscore

Postby quilmes » Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:21 pm

Hey all,

So this is my first post here, though I have lurked around for a bit.

I took the LSAT in December and was disappointed with a score in the high 160s. I prepared with a Kaplan practice course, which improved my performance 17 points. I would like to break 170 (which is conceivable, having happened in practice) and so am going to take another class in preparation for the June test. I have the option of taking another Kaplan course, the Kaplan Advanced, which focuses on difficult material for only high scorers or taking a Powerscore course. I realize that there seems to be a general love for Powerscore and general hate of Kaplan around here, so I am inclined to take Powerscore. Also, the variety of technique by combining Kaplan and Powerscore may be powerful. On the other hand, I have studied with Kaplan already (though am ineligible for the Higher Score Guarantee), the advanced course lasts for about three weeks more (read: more practice tests/instruction) and it focuses more heavily on difficult content, which is appropriate for me.

It may help to know something about my weaknesses. My most difficult area is Logic Games by far. Logical Reasoning could be improved, but Reading Comprehension is a non-concern.

Do you have any advice for me? Which do you think would help me raise my score that crucial last couple points?

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Re: Kaplan Advanced v. Powerscore

Postby typ3 » Sat Mar 13, 2010 8:45 pm

Save yourself the money. If you're scoring in the high 160's it's likely a small thing that is holding you back from scoring above 170.

You would probably see better results from taking private tutoring.

Have you exhausted all the prep material from Kaplan? Every question in the mastery book / pacing / and endurance book?
-If not, do the rest of the material. If so, redo the questions you have missed in those books, and repeat every logic game. '

To be honest, the strategies between pscore and kaplan and any prep company for that matter are not vastly different just different nuances and perspectives to approaching the lsat. In my opinion you'll only get over 170 with your own work. Taking a class and relearning basics will be a waste of your prep time. A complete score breakdown would be best for anyone on this forum to give you advice. If you are scoring perfect in LR and RC and bombing LG then I would say work through the LGB and focus almost entirely on LG. If you're doing poorly across the board, try to perfect your LG and RC (two sections I believe are most beatable with prep)

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