How much time do I have spend on during Logic Game practice?

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How much time do I have spend on during Logic Game practice?

Postby DivinerH » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:15 pm


FYI, I'm a Korean undergrad studying LSAT. I studied LGB and LRB almost twice and I feel pretty comfortable in solving all the problems IN the book. The problem is whenever I encounter a new kind of patterns, which is not dealt with in LGB(I mean, the book relatively put little focus on attacking grouping games by its sub-type, like defined-moving, it just mentions that there are those kind of grouping games but never presents the way to solve them by each type),I struggle a lot, (it usually takes over 30 mins. and sometimes I totally fail.) However, when it comes to linear games, I think I do real good. (regarding I started studying LSAT a month ago, I can solve most of linear games within 9 mins w/ 90% accuracy)

The question is,

When I find myself struggling when I practice a logic game(not PT), how much time do I have to spend to figure out and finally let go of it? (One day, I spent 3 hrs just to solve one problem, finally I solved but I couldn't study other sections on that day)

It really hurts me if a problem never solved or even I don't have a clue. What's worse, there isn't any explanations for PTs. I don't think just practicing a lot helps because it needs to gain the INSIGHT to solve a problem in the quickest(systematic) way. I sometimes try all the answer choices when I encounter last question with "which is must be true....." then finally solve, which is a dull way. But I know there must be a quick and easy to pick out the correct answer choice in a second.


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Re: How much time do I have spend on during Logic Game practice?

Postby Woozy » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:42 pm

It sounds to me like you just need more practice on a variety of logic games. Try to get your hands on as many of the previous logic games as you can and go through them slowly until you understand them all. It sounds like you have persistence on your side so I would say you should work at understanding them first, and timing later. You need to be able to do them before you can worry about doing them quickly. Speed will come once you are used to seeing and tackling many different LGs.

And pay attention to which games are from older test and which are from newer tests. You will notice that newer LGs tend to fall into a smaller range of different types, which should work in your favor.

Good luck.

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