Self-prep before taking a class?!

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Self-prep before taking a class?!

Postby alexandra » Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:25 am

So I need some advice... I am planning on taking a TestMasters course in preparation for the June 2010 LSAT, but the class doesn't start until early March. What type of prep would you all suggest doing over the next 2 months, before the class begins? Logic Games are most difficult for me, and I have started reading the PowerScore Bible, but I feel pretty frustrated and don't think it is really helping all that much... I think the improvements I've been making are more likely the result of practice, rather than because I've learned new techniques. Also, do you think that trying to learn the PowerScore techniques and then learning the TestMasters techniques will just confuse me further? Do you suggest keeping with the LG Bible or just doing as many practice tests as possible before I start the class? Or maybe something else entirely? Please help! Thank you!! :D

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Re: Self-prep before taking a class?!

Postby itsfine » Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:30 am

this is what i recommend...or better said, this is how i would attack ur situation if i was able to go back in time and put in ur situation (i never took a class)....

i would get as familiar as i could with the test... that may mean reading the bibles (although i didnt, i thought they stated the obvious) or doing practice tests that you 'bought.' I would just make sure u save the last 5 or so prep tests for when you are honing ur skills and are at your best....what i mean by that is...dont go buy prep test 58 and take it tomorrow bc youll do poorly and i always figured that the latest tests should be done closest to ur real lsat bc they have the greatest possibility of being similar to the test u take..

to make a really long aswer short before i keep rambling.... i see no harm in 'doing what you want' to get better at the lsat...the more knowledge u go into ur class with, the better youll be at understanding their methods, understanding what you are good at...etc etc...i see no downside in studying now....

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Re: Self-prep before taking a class?!

Postby acrossthelake » Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:15 am

I don't see the harm in starting early before the class. You know what your major weakness is--logic games and I've browsed the bible and the strategies are sound. Ideally you should be able to create your own strategy. I wouldn't wait till March if you have time now.

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