Princeton Review 2020

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Princeton Review 2020

Postby ImaginaryDay » Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:54 pm

Which school do you attend? Do you think these results are accurate?

The ranking lists based on student- and administrator-reported data, and the #1 schools on them, are:
"Best Career Prospects" – New York University
"Best Classroom Experience" – University of Virginia
"Most Diverse Faculty"– Southern University (LA)
"Greatest Resources for Women" – Stanford University (CA)
"Greatest Resources for Minority Students" – St. Thomas University (FL)
"Most Chosen by Older Students" – University of the District of Columbia

The lists based solely on student-reported data, and the #1 schools on them, are:
"Best Professors” – University of Virginia
"Most Competitive Students" – Baylor University (TX)
"Most Conservative Students" – Ave Maria School of Law (FL)
"Most Liberal Students" – Northeastern University (MA)
"Best Quality of Life" – University of Virginia

The lists based solely on administrator-reported data, and the #1 schools on them, are:
Toughest to Get Into" – Yale University (CT)
Best for Federal Clerkships” (a new list this year) — Yale University (CT)
Best for State and Local Clerkships” (a new list this year) — Seton Hall University (NJ)

See all the results here: ... d=best-law

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Re: Princeton Review 2020

Postby cavalier1138 » Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:39 pm

I think only the first category is remotely relevant to potential law students. And I'll shill for NYU when appropriate, but that doesn't seem to be right (not shocking, given the loose methodology employed).


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Re: Princeton Review 2020

Postby QContinuum » Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:57 pm

Most of the above rankings should be irrelevant to 0Ls considering which law school to attend. The best law schools for women, minorities and older students are the best law schools for straight white male K-JDs: the T13. No 0L should choose a law school based on "classroom experience" or "best professors".

The Princeton Review is correct to say that the school that's toughest to get into, and best for federal clerkships, is Yale. But "best for state and local clerkships" is pretty meaningless as a metric. Pretty much no 0L should attend law school gunning for a state/local clerkship (with a very few exceptions that prove the rule, like CA Supreme Court or NY Court of Appeals or Mass SJC or Del. Chancery - all of which are more similar to federal clerkships in terms of selectivity and prestige than other state/local clerkships, and folks applying to those courts are probably also applying to federal clerkships anyway).

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