Is my situation different from just low GPA?

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Is my situation different from just low GPA?

Postby blender » Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:30 pm

Hi everybody,

My situation seems a bit unconventional and I'm a little anxious to know how people feel about it. Most of my non-internet friends have absolutely no idea about law schools in the US. So, I figure I might ask for some feedback from people who know the game on the internet. Fortunately, I found out this blog yesterday :)

I graduated with a degree in Philosophy back in 2013 from the LSE with a 3rd class British system degree (GPA<2.5). The low GPA was due to a combination of financial problems (alas, I still owe some money to the institution) and the loss of my maternal grandfather. Most importantly the latter derailed my track altogether and sent me into a depression. Afterwards, I felt that my degree was pretty much useless, so I decided to enroll in another undergraduate degree in law from a top 3 university in my country. I then managed to resurrect myself and graduate as valedictorian with a 3.94 GPA three years later.

Now, I’m planning to apply to the top law schools for the JD program, so I could practice law in the US. At first I thought my situation was hopeless, but the LSAT score I took last year was a lot higher than I had hoped for (176). So, my question is whether I realistically have any chance with the top law schools (Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc.). I’m not planning to write GPA addendum or anything yet, but just wanted to know whether my chances are heavily diminished by mediocre Philosophy degree.

Thanks all.

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