Things to buy before school starts?

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Things to buy before school starts?

Postby blb20 » Thu Aug 11, 2016 11:40 am

New incoming first years, here’s a list of things you probably want to buy for school compiled from threads asking the same question. Hopefully this list makes things easier instead of having to scroll through a ton of posts. I’ve definitely missed a few things, so feel free to comment.


[6 Quart Crock Pot / Slow Cooker]( This will become your best friend once you learn a few simple recipes. Can make a ton of food that you can freeze and eat for the week. I’d google 100 Easy slow cooker recipes for some ideas.

[Keurig / Coffee Maker] ( If you drink coffee than you probably already have one. If you don’t drink coffee, well you probably are gonna start in school, so a Keurig is pretty fast and handy.


[Sturdy Ikea Desk] (

[Desk Chair] ( Don’t cheap out on this one.. your back will thank you.

[A good LED Desk lamp] ( with adjustable light settings and USB ports

Electronics / Misc:

[Second Monitor for you Laptop] ( I’ve linked the HP Pavilion IPS screen since thats the one I use and I haven’t had any issues with it. Having the bigger real estate when studying at home really makes your life easier when watching recorded lectures / putting less of a strain on your eyes.

[Wireless Keyboard and mouse when using the monitor] ( Self explanatory

[Bose Noise Cancelling Headphone] ( Cannot recommend these enough. There are obviously better sounding high end headphones, but in terms of comfort and actual noise cancellation the QC 25s are well worth the price. Probably good if you like quiet when studying. Love these things and can wear them for hours.

[Good reliable laser printer] ( If you like taking notes on printouts, definitely get a printer so you don’t have to run to the library or find somewhere to print the 800 pages of slides you’re writing on.

[1 TB External Harddrive] ( Take it from someone who lost all of their files, pictures, and lecture notes last month. This thing can be an absolute life saver.

[Whiteboard] ( Added from comments

[Jot Pro Pen for your iPad / Tablet] ( If you take notes on your iPad or tablet, your finger is not going to cut it. This has been the best stylus I’ve found for my iPad when it comes to taking quality notes.

[Zebra Highlighters] ( Added from comments

Books you might need:

Also here are some good [FREE] ( books that will come in handy

[BOOKS] ( -- Full List:

[LEEWS]( (Legal Essay Exam Writing System) -- $200 so might want to split it with someone

[Con Law: Chimerensky and the Nutshell] (

[Torts: E&E by Gannon] (

[Contracts: E&E by Blum] (

[Civ Pro: E&E by Gannon] (

[Criminal Law: Understanding Crim Law by Dressler] (

[Property: Understanding Property Law by Sprinkling] (

[Legal Writing I: Legal Writing in Plain English by Garner] (

[Legal Writing II: Point Made by Guberman] (

[LS Test Taking: Getting to Maybe] (

[MBE Flashcards] (

[1L of a Ride] (

[Deal Struck] (

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Re: Things to buy before school starts?

Postby Sprout » Thu Aug 11, 2016 11:42 am

Why is Getting to Maybe not on this list?

Also, some of those supplements suck. It obv depends on preference/professor/other factors but imo anything non Richard Freer for CivPro is a waste of time.

Edit: I say some of them suck, because I bought most of them and found most of them to be unhelpful. Obviously, ymmv. But I think TCR wouldn't to be just blanket-purchasing all these books from the get go without assessing the class/prof teaching style, general TLS wisdom, etc.

Crock pot though is an excellent idea. I waited way too long for this in my ls career; it is a real game changer.

Things you also missed on your list:
Cabinet full of liquor. Candles for relaxation. Bubble bath. Comfortable pillows/sheets for your bed. Lots of sweat pants and comfy t-shirts. Highlighters.

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