Q about LSAT score and Q about transcript summarization

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Q about LSAT score and Q about transcript summarization

Postby hopeful4lawschool » Wed Nov 20, 2013 5:38 pm

Just had a couple of questions pertaining to LSAT and LSAC grading:

1). My latest (and final) LSAT score is a 176. However, the first time I received a 168. Does a 176 on a retake not hold as much weight as someone who scored a 176 on the first try?

2). Question about transcript summarization --

It seems that most people aren't familiar with the link "Interpretive Guide to Undergraduate grading systems" on the LSAC website where you can punch in your school and it says what they exclude.

My question is regarding course withdrawals. (Ws). On my transcript it says W not computed, and on the Interpretive Guide, it shows Ws are excluded from my institution. I keep thinking that non-punitive means not affecting gpa (which it doesn't), but in one given semester I have straight Ws, and the notation "semester warning" is placed underneath the semester, because I had semester warning the semester before due to one semester of bad grades, and you are off "semester warning" when you have a good semester following it, and obviously in a semester of Ws, there is nothing applicable so it will still have "semester warning" underneath. The Ws don't count at my school, but will LSAC look at the notation semester warning and decide to treat them as Fs?

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Re: Q about LSAT score and Q about transcript summarization

Postby JAG Dog » Thu Nov 21, 2013 2:35 am

1) While there's certainly some debate, I don't think the fact that it's a retake will hurt you. I think they look at it as a number they can report (and which will look good pretty much anywhere). If you and another applicant have the exact same everything, I could see it tipping the scales if she got a 176 the first time. Otherwise it probably won't matter.

2) If your transcript says W it will count as any other W. "Semester Warning" will either trigger further inquiry because they don't know what it means, or they will have seen it before and know that it doesn't necessarily mean anything about that particular semester. I don't think they just go around turning Ws into Fs willy-nilly.

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