gap year - tell me about your experiences

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Re: gap year - tell me about your experiences

Postby redsox » Tue Dec 31, 2013 7:48 pm

I worked in finance for a couple years after graduating. I quit my job a few months ago. Now I'm a homeless (well, lacking a permanent address anyway) vagabond, at least until I start school in the fall. I guess this is my "gap year".

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Re: gap year - tell me about your experiences

Postby RamTitan » Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:24 pm

john1990 wrote:
PalmBay wrote:Has anyone took a gap year and regretted it? You don't seem to hear a lot of people say "darn, I wish I went straight from UG to LS."
Turned out 2013 was the last year for my childhood dog. I was enjoying this gap year but I'm especially glad now that I got to spend the last few months being gleefully greeted at the door every time I got home instead of finding out at law school as I was preparing for finals that my dog had died.

Personally I ended up regretting time off. I could not find meaningful employment. This might have been because I wasliving in a small town

I can't say I completely regret my two gap years, but I'm starting to get to that point....wish I had focused on the LSAT full-time after graduating to begin with so I could start school this fall.

I was unemployed right out of college, and spent most of my time trying to get a job while lightly studying the LSAT. 4 months after graduation I started working at a very small Internet marketing company that was stressful as hell (went from a college schedule to working 60-70 hours a week, people were constantly worried about losing their jobs, crazy managers and clients, etc.). With the June LSAT coming up and not being where I wanted to score, I decided to take a leave of absence so I could focus on the test and my sanity. Unfortunately, neither improved lol. And when I came back from the test, I worked for 1-2 weeks only to have my job eliminated so I'm unemployed again.....

I guess that gives me more time to study for a retake, but I'd like to have some sort of meaningful employment for the next year before school. Thought about teaching abroad or being a full-time LSAT tutor, but we shall see.

Edit - with that said, I don't think I would even have known with certainty that I wanted to go to law school if it hadn't been for the last year, so I guess that alone makes the time off worth it.

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