When to Start Compiling Checklists/Timelines?

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When to Start Compiling Checklists/Timelines?

Postby jtabustos » Thu Jun 27, 2013 7:11 am

I've got a good idea of when to do what for law school admissions, but just curious how far in advance did people start compiling and researching checklists and timelines for actual law school and the job search process?

Reading the "Legal Employment" section, it freaks me out. Sounds like a lot of massive panic at times and all sorts of confusing (to me) deadlines. ....

Is putting that stuff all together and reading/understanding it best to do the summer right before law school? Or would earlier (a year in advance) or later (during 1L/2L/3L itself) be better ....or sufficient?

Appreciate everyone's thoughts.

Anyone else here super bad at organization? Kind of my personal weakness, which is why I ask.

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Re: When to Start Compiling Checklists/Timelines?

Postby kay2016 » Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:13 am

If you're talking about like on campus interviews and stuff like that..

From what I've seen, that's something not to obsessively worry about until after you're in school.

SummerBefore 0L, there are mixed reviews on whether or not you should prepare for your 1L classes... But some have suggested working on your résumé a bit before hand, but you're not going to be able to work with your career services until after December 1st. There are some threads on the legal employment section about compiling things for 1L summer, so that may require a bit of planning but definitely not something you should hard core worry about before you get to school

I'm guessing more things will make sense the closer you get to these events! But I hope that helps, that's just what I've seen from reading a ton of threads

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