Part-Time vs. Full-Time Law School

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Part-Time vs. Full-Time Law School

Postby fjrc » Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:44 pm

If I go to law school part-time (@ a TTT) while employed with a relevant business law related public sector job, how much would not going to law school full time (and therefore not doing summer internships) hurt my chances of finding employment at a law firm (big/small/public sector)?

Would it make more sense to just quit my job and go law school full time at a regional TTT where I eventually would like to work and practice law?


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Re: Part-Time vs. Full-Time Law School

Postby tigershark » Wed Aug 08, 2012 12:00 pm

Look at the employment stats for your "regional TTT" and I'm fairly certain you'll realize that attending this school, whether full or part time, is a bad idea. Generally speaking, TTTs aren't worth going in to debt over and don't provide the employment prospects to justify attending (even on a large scholarship). So I would say explore other options and shoot for a better school.

That said, if you're dead set on attending this school, there are pros and cons to attending full and part time. With full time you can finish in 3 years but you'll have more classes and no income from a job. With part time you'll have fewer classes, a smaller section and the benefit of earning income to pay off the likely massive debt you will accrue (however, working while in law school is EXTREMELY difficult and it's hard to be successful at both).

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