Q's about law school in general and my chances

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Q's about law school in general and my chances

Postby lilshortguh618 » Tue May 08, 2012 2:34 pm

Hello everyone.

I am considering a change in career. All of my work experiences have been in the area of research (3+ yrs to present) and I am interested in pursuing a JD with a specialty in clinical law areas (DV, Family, Civil, Immigration, etc). I have several Q's about the process in general:

1. What are the best books out there to prep for the LSAT?
2. When are usually the deadlines for admissions?
3. I have no experiences in the legal aspect, what can I do to make myself a competitive candidate?
4. I have quite a low gpa (overall=3.22, last 2 yrs=3.59). Is that good enough to even apply?
5. Can someone point me to a site where I can learn the proper way to write a PS for law school? I only know how to write one for Psych PhD.
6. What are things you wish you know before you apply for the programs? Any tips?
7. What score should I shoot for on the LSAT?
8. Is it necessary to be a member of some groups/civil services to "strengthen" my application?
9. Can you name some schools that have clinical law programs as their specialty?

I think that's all for right now. Thank you for stopping in. I truly appreciate your time and effort in helping me answer these questions.

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