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Data for Paper

Postby EB325427 » Sat Mar 31, 2012 3:40 pm

I am working on a paper for an economics class on US News and World Report law school rankings and how well they correlate to better salary-to-debt ratios as well as higher employment at NLJ Top 250 firms The data I have been able to find so far is incomplete. First off, US News only publishes the rankings through number 145 and does not publish anything below that. Is it possible to get the numerical rankings of these schools somewhere? Also, the National Law Journal only publishes data of the top 50 schools whose graduates go to the NLJ 250. Does anyone know where to find NLJ 250 data for all law schools? Thanks to anyone who can help me with this!

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Re: Data for Paper

Postby sunynp » Sat Mar 31, 2012 4:07 pm

I think that the NLJ 250 only does the top 50 schools because at lower schools the hiring by biglaw firms is negligible. Also note that the NLJ numbers have been shown to be incorrect and understated for Columbia and NYU this year. You need to read about the NLJ methodology.

I don't know of any ranking below that of US News. I'm not sure where you would get that data, I don't know if it exists.

A source of data you might use is the NALP directory, but you would have to correlate firm to school data from the firm websites. AFAIK, NALP doesn't report schools by firm, only firm size,

You should probably just limit your paper to a segment the top schools, even the top 50.

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