IP law questions

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IP law questions

Postby senorhosh » Wed Jan 11, 2012 12:38 am

I'm planning on going to a T14 school. I have a B.S. in Chemistry/Biochemistry at a top 10 public.

1. Am I virtually out for patent prosecution? (Does where I went for UG matter)? Also, will WE be able to compensate for my lack of PhD (to a certain extent)?
2. In terms of salary, workload, job security, and difficulty in obtaining a job, what are the differences between patent prosecution and litigation (for my major)?
3. I'm also interested in biglaw but I'm not deadset on anything. Besides taking the patent bar and choosing a law school, do I have to choose a specific "path" in law school for biglaw or patent law? Or is it based on where I bid during OCI? (basically, do I have to choose my path before OCI)


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