Can the Feb LSAT earn me a scholarship for '12?

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Can the Feb LSAT earn me a scholarship for '12?

Postby Alan » Wed Dec 28, 2011 3:13 am

Please suppose the following :P

So let's say I got a 160 (it will not be lower or i will cry)on the December LSAT, which is above the 75th percentile for Texas tech, the school I would like to attend. I fooled around too much in undergrad though and ended up with a 3.1 gpa. I also have baggage comparable to Newt Gingrich (2 possession of marajuana tickets). This makes me think it's a stretch that I'll be accepted. Let's just say I do get accepted. I seriously believe I can score 170+ in February. I worked out some kinks and have really been on a role. I also underperformed on test day and am now consistently practice testing between 168 and 173 with room for improvement in RC. Let's just say I retake and get a modest 166.

assuming all of that pans out, would it be possible to get scholarship money in March? Am I fooling myself with unwarranted optimism because of my criminal history? Have you heard of people getting scholarships because of their Feb retake? Would you suggest waiting a year to have a better shot at the next cycle? By the way, I will be 23 soon and am a urm (Mexican)


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Re: Can the Feb LSAT earn me a scholarship for '12?

Postby joshceo » Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:50 pm

I cannot answer your question regarding scholarship availability for '12 with a higher February LSAT. I would imagine that most of the scholarship money will have been disbursed by the time you submit your improved LSAT score. That is a guess. However, I can definitely tell you that your marijuana charges, assuming they are a couple years old, will not be a problem. I have a horrific criminal history and already got 30k yearly from Wake Forest. It's not T14 I know, but it is a good indicator that you will be ok with your past criminal issues.

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Re: Can the Feb LSAT earn me a scholarship for '12?

Postby BuckinghamB » Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:01 pm

I'm in a similar situation myself, except I'm already in at my school of choice so I guess it's a little different. I emailed my school basically asking them if the scholly money will have been allocated/disbursed at the time Feb. scores are released, and they said sometimes they are able to offer $$ in light of higher numbers, even that late in the cycle. The way I see it, it's $140 to potentially get thousands back. And, at least in my case, it's entirely without risk. Hope this helps!

ETA: Totally didn't read the last line of your post...URM will definitely help you out, and if you're in your PT range on the actual test, you might want to reapply next cycle. That way you'll probably have a decent shot at T14 with money.


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Re: Can the Feb LSAT earn me a scholarship for '12?

Postby bk1 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:13 pm

June LSAT's garnered people acceptances and scholarships last cycle, but I would imagine that it is rare and nothing to count on.

If you can score in the 170's, keep taking the LSAT until you do. Also, don't go to Texas Tech. You're a URM who should have a 160's if not 170+ LSAT, I think even with 2 tickets you can do better than Texas Tech.

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Re: Can the Feb LSAT earn me a scholarship for '12?

Postby Tom Joad » Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:17 pm

Wish you luck man, but if you kick butt on the LSAT in February withdraw from TTU and go to UT or a T14 school.

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Re: Can the Feb LSAT earn me a scholarship for '12?

Postby kalvano » Sun Jan 29, 2012 10:21 pm

If you score in the mid-160's or better and go to Tech, you're a moron.

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