Some advice please. Awkward.?

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Some advice please. Awkward.?

Postby everlastes » Tue Dec 20, 2011 4:10 am

I have my boss on facebook and he is my reference as I am looking for work (plan to after the new year anyway....). He has left the company and at the time I thought I had feelings for him because I was crushed he was going and thought he was a really lovely guy. There were times that I thought it may have been mutual and I got my hopes up about this when he came into the city and met me for lunch. A couple of weeks later I emailed him just to say hi and left things open saying hope things are working out with the business venture let me know if you want lunch again or a drink. He replied yes on a Thursday night saying he could do Monday or Tuesday next week. I replied back on the Monday night (thinking he meant the following week and not realising he was referring to the very next day). This was about a month ago now and I never heard back from him. Why would he suggest lunch if he didn't really want to come? I have heard he has contacted a couple of the team leaders and he has been out for drinks quite a bit and even saw him a few days ago but I didn't go over because I got a surprise. I am really hurt because I feel like he has deliberately ignored me in which case I don't see the point bothering with someone who doesn't want to keep in touch. I really didn't think he was like that though. Any other email I have sent he replied to really quickly. Now I don't know what to do about the reference issue either. Hearing he is catching up with others is just like a knife any time I hear about it casually at work by. I am just feeling so hurt. I really thought at the very least I had made a new friend in this city and I am finding that difficult enough as it is.

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Re: Some advice please. Awkward.?

Postby shoeshine » Tue Dec 20, 2011 4:14 am

Most creative SEO spam ever. I say we leave it up.

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Re: Some advice please. Awkward.?

Postby Richie Tenenbaum » Tue Dec 20, 2011 4:46 am


That was outstanding. I was engrossed, weirded out, and wanting more. And then I scrolled down.

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