What should I do with my 8 months until law school?

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What should I do with my 8 months until law school?

Postby Tim0thy222 » Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:29 pm

I graduated in May, and am planning on starting law school this coming fall. What should I do in the mean time? So far I am planning on the following:

-Whatever job I can get (probably retail/sales, since that is where my experience is)
-Tutor for the LSAT as I can find clients
-Volunteer (but where?)

Travelling is not really something I want to do since I don't really have the money, and I already have a one year gap on my resume from travelling, so I don't want it to look like all I do is bum around in other countries.

If there's anything I can do now that will improve my resume when OCI comes around, I'd like to consider that.

Should I learn another language such as Spanish? Perhaps if I was travelling for this purpose it would be more justified. I mean, even if I immersed myself in the culture I don't know if I'd really learn the language in 8 months, but maybe if I combined that with some part-time studying in law school I'd have a fighting chance.

Should I go do something in a law firm or with lawyers? I was thinking if it's PI related, maybe that would be helpful if I decided to go into PI, though currently that's not my plan. Also, in interviews I could talk about actual experiences with lawyers and law firms, as opposed to how I want to be a lawyer because I love The West Wing and want to grow up to be Josh Lyman (actually, maybe it would be Sam Seaborn).

Any ideas are appreciated, and if it's helpful in narrowing down my options, it should be noted that I have a philosophy degree from a state school with a marginal GPA, customer service, sales, and retail job experience, and I'm pretty much broke.


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Re: What should I do with my 8 months until law school?

Postby franklyscarlet » Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:30 pm

Student Conservation Corps has short term volunteer positions, if you're into building trails and stuff like that.

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Re: What should I do with my 8 months until law school?

Postby ben4847 » Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:40 pm

sit in on all the 1L courses

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