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Re: Penn vs. Temple $$$$

Postby beach_terror » Wed Nov 02, 2011 1:39 pm

crossarmant wrote:
beach_terror wrote:Actually, the DA's office openly told our 1L class that they wish they could fill their entire office with Penn grads.

Bullshit. We went to the Philly DA's office and PD's office with our LRW class and the place was staffed with people from all over. UPenn, Penn State, Temple, Rutgers, Villanova, Widener, etc. And they weren't merely old lawyers, a lot of these people were fresh faces.

I mean, they may WANT to fill their office with only UPenn grads, but to be fair, what place wouldn't want to fill their office with exclusively top of the top Ivy League grads and pay them the same as they would from *State* U?

Pretty sure you just got mad and then admitted what I said made sense. I'm not even offering an opinion here, I'm restating what I was told.

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