Curve Explanation?

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Curve Explanation?

Postby jared6180 » Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:37 am

Just wondering how to find out if your potential law school has a curve. How they apply the curve? How do you know your rank in the class?
Also, can you explain the type of curve? I read someone saying that their 2.2 was about equal to a 2.9-3.0...not sure I see how that works.
I am looking into a couple law schools, still an UG, so forgive my ignorance.


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Re: Curve Explanation?

Postby Jah'rakal » Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:49 pm


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Re: Curve Explanation?

Postby random5483 » Thu Oct 06, 2011 12:20 am

Law schools have varying curves. Some schools use unique systems, but most schools follow the traditional 4.0 scale (A/B/C/etc) system. Most law schools tend to curve between a C+ and a B+. A few schools have harsher/lighter curves, but a B- or B curve is most common.

With that said, curves can vary drastically from school to school. Some schools break down grades by percentages (e.g. 20% As max, 60% Bs and 20% Cs). Other schools require the mean grade to be a B or B- (e.g. 50% A and 50% C would be allowed if the professor chooses to do it as long as the average is a B).

To make a long story short, law school curves come in many different forms. Most schools have a student handbook that spells out the information, though some schools can be a bit secretive about the details of their curves.

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