Article - Why a law degree today offers no guarantee

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Re: Article - Why a law degree today offers no guarantee

Postby BiglawOrBust » Wed Sep 07, 2011 8:02 am

CynicusRex wrote:
psm11 wrote:When I read stories like this I am always curious about the effort the person put into trying to find a job. For all we know the person could have blown off OCIs, networking opportunities, and just sent some resumes out.

Doesn't really matter if that's what he did. If the valedictorian at the dominant school in your area is getting rejections then people under that are going to be rejected no matter how much they hustle. I graduated about 10 years ago, skipped OCI (not smart in retrospect), and still managed to find a decent job a few months after the bar and have been working ever since. And that was with average grades from a T2 (back when there was a T2). I just can't imagine why anyone would go to law school now unless you're going to a Top 3 school.

LULZ. That's less than one thousand grads for 30,000 legal jobs.

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