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Postby radar27519 » Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:15 pm

Anyone went to the LSAC Law Forums held in select cities?

If Yes then,

Did you find it helpful?
Did you prepare for it?
Do you think it contributed at all to your admissions success or failure?


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Postby timshellaw » Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:11 pm

I've attended a couple of the LSAC forums (frosh/sophomore year) and I'm planning on attending the one held near my school later this year. I'm still in UG and have not yet applied to law school, so I can't answer if it helped in a real application cycle, but I can say that it is extremely helpful as far as gathering information on the application process and about each school. It really streamlined my search for information on each law school and the LSAC people were actually really pleasant and willing to answer questions about the app. process.

The day is split up into informational sessions paneled by people from the LSAC and deans/ad. counselors from different law schools. This was extremely helpful as they covered everything from the LSAT to financing law school. The panels are about 45 mins each, including time for Q&A. Most students had some great questions I had not thought of and I came out with great notes and advice.

The grand ball room area has every ABA law school that you could possible think of from all tiers. What I found most helpful was being able to gather brochures/view books from each school. I know you can request them via mail, but some schools (in an effort to go green/save money) only post them online as downloadable PDFs. Being a visual person, it was great to have a stack of viewbooks from schools I had heard of, but maybe never seriously considered, and of course, ones from schools I'm 100% certain I'll apply to. I also liked that the admissions counselors had information about other programs at their law schools like dual degrees, detailed class profiles, clinics, diversity, scholarships, etc.; and of course, having the ability to ask a real person questions, rather than email them in.

The one I attended was a little far geographically, but completely worth the drive. It was a very well organized event and if it's not too much trouble for you to attend it, I highly recommend you do.

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