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jayman6 wrote:The Raiders, reacting to critical comments made by ABC announcer Al Michaels eight days earlier, yesterday issued a bizarre press release accusing Michaels of lacking "truthfulness" and "morality."

Michaels, speaking during the telecast of Oakland's 31-3 loss to Denver on November 24, called the Raiders "the most underachieving team in the league." He also derided the team's well-known slogan, "Commitment to Excellence."

The next day, in explaining his comments, Michaels told USA Today, "It's very important to be honest with the fans."
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Nothing more transpired until yesterday, when the Raiders distributed a rambling press release entitled, "The Oakland Raiders respond to Al Michaels Blather." Near the end of the release, the Raiders made this statement:

"Al Michaels of ABC has no right to talk about being honest with the fans. Michaels doesn't have an ounce of truthfulness or morality in his body. Michaels should confess about his owition leaders who met with Suleiman do not represent all the demonstrators who have held mass protests over the past two weeks. One of the groups represented in the meeting was the Muslim Brotherhood -- a group that, days ago, had said it would not negotiate until Mubarak left office. Members of the liberal parties Wafd and Ahrar havealso engaged in talks with the newly appointed Suleiman.

After the meeting, Suleiman sat down with six young people who, according to state-run TV, were representing the "January 25" movement, named after the date the protests began.
Hala Gorani ventures into Cairo
Egypt PM: Mubarak will stay until Sept.
Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?
Human chain against tank

But in Tahrir Square, some protesters slammed the idea that anyone representing them would meet with Suleiman. "This is an insult to people like us, activists. Who are they to speak on behalf of the revolution?" asked Gigi Ibrahim.

"I did not hear of any January 25 group when the revolution started," added protester Wael Abbas. "Only now I am hearing these rumors. But I don't know who they are because they definitely do not represent us."

Some opposition figures also questioned the government's sincerity in Sunday's meeting, saying the talks and suggestions of possible agreement might be tricks intended to end the demonstrations with Mubarak still in power and security forces situated to prevent them


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