applying at the deadline

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applying at the deadline

Postby dchangd » Tue Dec 14, 2010 8:58 pm

I'm considering cancelling my December LSAT score, retaking in February, and then submitting all my applications once the scores come in. The schools I have in mind (Ohio St, UofCincy) all have deadlines or options that accommodate applications after the February LSAT scores are received.

My question: Are my chances seriously hindered by applying this late? Are my odds for a scholarship pretty much nonexistent? I'm pretty confident I can get in, but I don't know how grants or scholarships work? First come, first serve? I don't want to ruin any shot at decent money or even admittance by applying at or near the deadline.

And the reason I want to cancel: I only gave myself 7 weeks to prepare. I knew two weeks prior to the test that I was not anywhere near my full potential, but went ahead and took the exam anyway. On my last 10 practice tests I scored between 161-166. I made no improvements in the last two weeks of studying. I'm almost certain my score is going to be 161 at worst or 165 at best. The thing is, I know I can score a 170 with another two months. I feel a better LSAT score will increase the scholarship offers. Thus I want to cancel and retake in February.

does a 3.40/170 student who applies on March 15 have better/equal/worse odds at admittance/scholarships than a 3.40/162 who applies in January?

(oh, and I haven't cancelled yet. I'm seriously at odds with what to do. I don't want a 161 on my record. I'm retaking in Feb regardless if I keep it or cancel. So I figure I might as well cancel)

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Re: applying at the deadline

Postby jwaters » Tue Dec 14, 2010 10:04 pm

To answer your question: Will your chances be hindered? Yes. Does that mean you won't get accepted? No, it really just depends on the school and your numbers. As far as scholarships go, again it really depends on the school and when they make offers. Some schools send out scholly offers with acceptances while others wait till the spring and send them out all at once.

On another note, I would highly recommend that you at least consider putting in several months of studying, take the June test, and reapply next cycle. Unless you have absolutely outstanding numbers for the schools that you want its going to be tough to get in late Feb./early March with a February score.

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Re: applying at the deadline

Postby src42 » Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:22 pm

jwaters wrote:I would highly recommend that you at least consider putting in several months of studying, take the June test, and reapply next cycle.

Do this. Thread over.

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