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Hello all, I'm fairly new to the entire idea of law school so please forgive me if I come off as ignorant regarding something that is probably redundant to you all. I'm a sophomore in UG and have done fairly well to date. I'm fairly intelligent and a very hard worker, but realistically the latter is what has served me well so far. Obviously, law school is not UG and will be a great deal harder. With that said, do schools typically have tutoring services? Through researching, I've found a company called Advantage Testing (and no, this is not a plug as I wish I could score high enough on the LSAT to even be considered) and notice they have academic tutoring for law students. Do law schools typically have tutoring available or if it was something I was interested in should I pursue a private party such as Advantage Testing? Also, has anyone had any experience or heard of any positive reviews regarding this company? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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