law school

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law school

Postby tata76 » Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:11 pm

Hi, I have few question about law school. any help will be really appreciated.
1. how many years do it actually take to graduate from law school. My brother knows someone who claims that he graduated in 1 year and a half.
2. what kind of work students have to do in the classes? I read many of the projects /assignments are essay; is this true?
3. how much money does it cost to graduate from law school?
4. Are there enough job opportunities once i graduate from law school?
5. do lawyers have to specialized in one area or they can work in several areas?
6.i live in Orlando and I wonder if anyone knows of a good law school here or in florida?

thanks for the info.

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Re: law school

Postby NU_Jet55 » Wed Sep 01, 2010 9:24 pm

1. 3 years (4 if you're part time), Northwestern has the only 2 year J.D. program that I'm aware of (I'm sure there are others), although I think the majority of their students still graduate in 3 years.
2. It is not particularly difficult to graduate from law school. What makes law school so difficult is the fact that it is graded on a curve, and if you graduate near the bottom of your class it is nearly impossible to get a job unless you go to one of the top, top schools.
3. It depends on where you go and what scholarships you're offered. Generally, total cost of attendance ranges somewhere between $100k (at the cheapest of the cheap) and $210k+ (at schools like Columbia, etc.).
4. No
5. Depends on the job
6. There are no elite law schools in Florida, however there are a few (UF, FSU, Miami) are not completely terrible.

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