how much should i borrow for 1L part time?

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how much should i borrow for 1L part time?

Postby efs410 » Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:37 am

I have a full tuition scholarship and will be attending part time. The scholarship does not include the amount for books, parking, and any extra fees. I will be working the same job I have now and can support myself without loans. How much should I borrow for the first year to cover extra law school expenses? Also, should I take out anything extra just in case I have to cut back on hours at work because of the work load? I really do not want to take out too much in loans when it is not needed. Is anyone attending part time and working having trouble figuring out a reasonable amount?
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Re: how much should i borrow for 1L part time?

Postby nahgems » Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:49 am

A lot depends on your personal preferences. If you buy new books at the student bookstore, expect to spend $1000 / year. If you buy used books on online and you take time to search, you can usually find the right edition in very good condition. I spent about $180 / semester. Do you want / need a new laptop? What city are you in (parking varies a lot - at my school parking for a night class is free if you can find it on the street or $8 - $12 in the garage). If you are paying $12 a night, four nights a week it adds up. But if you can get to class a 1/2 hour early (when one traffic lane converts to a parking lane) you can usually get cheaper parking. Many students who work full time don't have that luxury. I didn't find that there were many "hidden" or unexpected expenses (unless you want to sign up early for one of the bar review programs so you have access to the outlines/resources during 1L). I just finished 1L while working full-time (with a scholarship covering tuition). I didn't take out loans.
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Re: how much should i borrow for 1L part time?

Postby Connelly » Sat Jun 12, 2010 11:10 pm

Adding on to what nahgems said, you might want to make sure whether or not "fees" are covered by your scholarship. My "fees" listed in addition to my tuition for the fall semester (at Ga. State) are just over $700.

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