Bar Review Course Administrative Questions

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Bar Review Course Administrative Questions

Postby r973 » Tue Jun 08, 2010 12:06 pm

Hello, I have searched this website (in which I couldn't find an answer to my question) and I have tried to contact BarBri (who NEVER responded back). So I hope some of you can answer my questions about bar review courses in general or specifically BarBri since that seems to be the giant in the field.

(1) How long are the classes generally? How many hours per day and days per week?

(2) Is it necessary, required, or advantageous to commute to the class site to see a video, or if I am discplined I watch the videos at home and study there?

(3) The courses are just pre-recorded videos of lectures, right?

(4) Does anyone study for the bar AND work a job or is that just crazy?

(5) Any courses that are best for me if I plan to take BOTH the NY and NJ bar at the same time?

Thank you very much for any answers you can provide!


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Re: Bar Review Course Administrative Questions

Postby 2lstudent » Tue Jun 08, 2010 10:52 pm

1) The classes last between 3 and 4 hours, including 10 minute breaks every hour. They are usually five days a week, with a random day here or there off (def. off on July 4th). Some locations have Saturday classes.

2) I did the ipod version, and passed (Ohio) 1st time. I saw no need to waste valuable time commuting. Also, then I could go back and forth as I pleased, and I didn't have to hang out with other people who were freaking out about the bar.

3) Yes. At least in my location. I suppose they must be live somewhere, but the lecturer does not take questions.

4). I did. I taught an LSAT test prep class (8-12 hours per week), and a class at a community college (10 hours a week including prep). It helped me to have something non bar related to do.

5) No clue. I didn't take either one.

My bar summer was actually fairly pleasant. I studied hard, but it wasn't insane. I also gave up completely on a subject (commercial transactions), which ended up being the right call for me. Damned if I know how checking works.

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