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Re: Networking Book

Postby sundevil77 » Wed Jul 21, 2010 1:58 pm

jnorsky wrote:Guerlla Tactics is great definitely get that. Never eat alone is ok, he just name drops the whole time and the guy networks well because he went to yale and HBS, so of course people are gonna want to talk to him.

Haha +1. It is true that Ferrazi name drops a lot and engages in a lot of self-puffery. That being said, Never Eat Alone is still a great read. I'm reading his second book right now, Who's Got Your Back?, and while it's not so much focused on the day to day aspect of networking, it is a worthwhile book.

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Re: Networking Book

Postby Encyclopedia Brown » Wed Jul 21, 2010 3:53 pm

After reading through this thread this morning, I picked up Never Eat Alone from the local bookstore, and I'm reading it now. Guerrilla Guide is next, before school starts.

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