Chicago Kent vs. Pace

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Chicago Kent vs. Pace

Postby gts711 » Mon May 24, 2010 11:52 am

I'm really confused --

I want to practice International Law -- and here is my issue:

I have the option of going to Pace -- which is tier 3/4, but with a large scholarship, and it is in NYC, where I live and want to practice, and it is near all my friends and family which is important to me.

I also have the option of going to Chicago-Kent -- which is top 100, but with no scholarship, and it is in Chicago, where I don't know anyone and I'd have to move and start over, but it is a better school with a good IP and program and a great legal writing program.

Any tips on what to do. Does location matter more or does ranking when it comes to these schools?!

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Re: Chicago Kent vs. Pace

Postby oberlin08 » Mon May 24, 2010 11:55 am

Personally, I might choose Pace, as friends and family might be able to help you 'network' i.e. find a job.

However, it's really just up to you, it would also be cool to check out a new city for 5+ years? And I'm sure you'd make new friends, plus your old friends and family will still be your friends and family.

Regardless of where you go, doing (extremely) well is the most important thing, and if you do that then you might have a pretty good shot at doing what you want to do.

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