Scholarship info.

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Scholarship info.

Postby toolfan » Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:57 am

I have already been awarded $$ from a T2. Let's say I took the June LSAT at no penalty (already accepted to several schools) with intentions of boosting my score. Indeed my current LSAT is 5-6 pts shy of what I was pt'ing. If I were able to raise my LSAT, could I then renogiate my scholarship for more money? (if there is some money to be granted). I mean, sure I can try to ask for more money, since I will appear better on paper and my school only reports the highest LSAT. But has anyone succesfully tried this? Another question, do schools report the LSAT you were accepted with? Or perhaps your highest LSAT score achieved before the first day of classes?

I don't think I have come across these questions before. And I am also aware that if I were to increase my score by 5 points much of the feedback would be to sit out this cycle and reapply next cycle. I get that. My focus here is whether or not anyone has had success negotiating for more money after taking the Feb/June LSAT the summer before attendance to a school you are already accepted to. (if that makes sense)

Look forward to your thoughts.

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Re: Scholarship info.

Postby gdane » Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:07 pm

Ask the school. Every school has different policies.

I dont believe they will give you more since schools generally have a pot of money they award scholarships from and that pot will surely be empty by the time you get your June LSAT results.

Again, ask the school, but I wouldnt do this. Just go with what you were given.

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