Too old for Law School?

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Too old for Law School?

Postby GRADstudentAF » Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:13 pm

First, I want to give you my situation. I am 27 and starting my MBA this summer while currently studying to take the lsat this september. I will be applying ot law school for the fall 2011 school year and it will be a joint MBA/JD program. Yes, I know the first year is dedicated to Law, but in the meatime I will be taking select courses that will transfer into the joint program and have already been working with admissions and advisors from BOTH SIDES. I am active duty military trying to transfer into the guard. While there is a pretty good chance that this will happen, in the event that it doesn't, I will have to attend law school part time (all this considering I am accepted). I will be able to transfer into the full time program once my enlistment is over. Like I said, I hope this isn't the case and I will be released from active duty, but we'll see. Either way, the PT program will only cost me another year. However, I will be 31, possibly 32 depeding on my release, when I am finished with the MBA/JD program. I would really appreciate any feedback or advice as to whether this is getting too old to enter law. What are the pros and cons? Advice from anyone in a similar situation, or that has seen this before, would be great.

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Re: Too old for Law School?

Postby Ipsa Dixit » Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:20 pm

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