Youth Summer Program University of Toronto Law YSP

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Youth Summer Program University of Toronto Law YSP

Postby Giela » Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:29 am

Hey, I'm fifteen in a half and have thought about going to the law youth summer program of the University of Toronto this year. Have any of you been there? If so, can you give me some advice, tell me more about it? Is it interesting, is it serious (as in, not a constant drinking party), what parts/week were the most interesting, were people nice, and just your generall opinion and experiences there. Anything is useful, really, and I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks!!! PS: Website seemed awesome, and it's Toronto Univ after all but, just want to make sure. :)


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Re: Youth Summer Program University of Toronto Law YSP

Postby kwatson » Fri Feb 12, 2010 12:59 pm

Hey! I'm seventeen and I went to the Youth Summer Program two years ago. I loved it and would definitely recommend going there! I can't tell you which week is the best because the year I went was the first year they had a law program for teens so all the weeks were the same. The program that I did is now the one that is weeks one and five, the criminal law one. It's amazing, and so much fun. The entire program is great. It's not a constant drinking party, the evenings are more along the lines of bowling and karaoke. One of the best parts is getting the chance to live like you're in university for a bit. I was lucky enough to have an amazing roomate, we still keep in contact now. The people are so nice, just as a warning a few of them were extremely competitive during the mock trial so if you don't like competition you might not like it. Personally I loved the entire thing. I am considering coming back this summer for the business law section. At the begginning of this program I didn't really want to be a lawyer, but by the end of the week I had changed my mind. The mock trial was just fantastic, and throughout the week they prepare you for it by bringing in lots of guest lecturers as well as taking you to some real court cases. Some of the lecturers talk in detail about real crime scenes and cases that they've worked on, so if that would upset you, you might not enjoy the program. The law students who teach the rest of the program are fantastic. When I was there one of them wanted to be a prosecuter and one wanted to be a defense attorney. They always explained BOTH SIDES of everything we learned. The entire thing is wonderful, I highly reccommend it and had a great time!
let me know if you have any more questions!

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