Ask the Barron's Pro: LSAT and Admissions Answers!

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Ask the Barron's Pro: LSAT and Admissions Answers!

Postby jcutts » Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:53 pm

Hi, All.

Jay Cutts, here. I'm the director of Cutts Graduate Reviews and the author of the new Barron's LSAT Prep Book. I've been coaching the LSAT for 24 years. I'm glad to answer questions, so feel free to ask!

Notes about resources for you:

1. Barron's book - This contains all of my most advanced strategies and insights from 24 years of working with students. I believe it is far more advanced than general LSAT prep books. Please check it out. This is a completely different book from previous Barron's LSAT books. Make sure you get the one with my name on it, not the Bobrow edition.

2. STEPS to the LSAT - This is a brand new program that offers you a super-charged self-prep option for $103. It contains many of my advanced materials, along with a highly structured, daily study manual and a support system that connects you with other LSAT students around the country. There are even tutoring resources if (but only if) you need them. The online dashboard organizes all your resources. There is a huge amount of support material in STEPS and I want it to be affordable for everyone. Disclaimer: STEPS does NOT include any live support from me, though it does contain recordings of over 200 tutorials with me that you can learn from.

STEPS is guided by an advisory board of current and past prelaw advisors and law professors.

Read more about this unique program:

For a free copy of my booklet How to Get Accepted to Law School - A Take-Charge Approach, including how to write a personal statement, visit:

Best wishes,


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