Work affirmations question

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Work affirmations question

Postby Lawman1865 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 10:53 am

I'm sure I'm missing some obvious answer, but do we need the physical copies of the work affirmations/moral affirmations that we send to be filled out? If I email the PDF and if they print and sign it, can they fax/scan it back to me or I need to get the original/physical copy with their signature? I'm assuming the latter. Do people normally ask it to be mailed back?



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Re: Work affirmations question

Postby QContinuum » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:25 pm

If NY, you need to send in original forms with "wet-ink" signatures. You can email your affirmants a PDF copy of the form, but they'll need to print it out, sign it and physically mail the signed copy to you. You collect all of the "wet-ink" signed affirmations you need (law-related employment affirmations, moral character affirmations, 50-hour pro bono affirmation(s)) and mail them in to the relevant Department along with your notarized application.

Don't forget to have your law school mail in two forms on your behalf: the Skills Form Affidavit and the Form Law School Certificate. Those are mailed directly from your law school to the relevant Department, and you can ask your law school to mail them in even before you mail in your application.

I understand swearings-in and C&F interviews are currently suspended, so probably no big rush. Also unclear whether law schools are still processing Skills Form Affidavit/Form Law School Certificate requests. Getting forms notarized may also be a challenge (the 50-hour pro bono affirmation(s) and your application itself need to be notarized; the other forms don't need to be notarized).

If NOT NY, none of the above may apply. Rules differ significantly from state to state.

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