When are Barbri MBE Refresher and Half Day?

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When are Barbri MBE Refresher and Half Day?

Postby wildmadagascar » Sat Jun 29, 2019 12:31 am

hi yall. I was just flipping through the pages in the MPQ book (that is the MBE Practice Questions) and saw MBE Refresher and MBE Half Day which both have 100 MBE questions each. BUT the problem is I don't see them anywhere on my Barbri assignments. I did some research and found the Refresher was on July 15th last year, but it's not on my schedule AT ALL.

Does anybody have any idea when we're supposed to do them? I'm nervous because I'm about a week behind the schedule and worried the system automatically dropped some assignments. But I don't see Refresher or Half Day under any tab (discarded, incomplete, etc.). Any advice will be appreciated!

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