Approach to the MPT

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Approach to the MPT

Postby tropicalvibezz » Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:46 am

What is your approach to the MPT after reading the Task Memo?

What have you found helps prevent from getting easily confused on what your task is?

Do you tackle the Library first or the File?

Spam me with your tips. I'm desperate. I have not found Barbri's method to work well. I don't understand why one would read the Library first without knowing what exactly the facts are that are relevant to your client's issue.



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Re: Approach to the MPT

Postby Nightcrawler » Sat Jun 09, 2018 1:47 pm

It depends. I like to read the library first but PTs are all different and in some of them this strategy may backfire (ie: you won't know what's going on and waste time - the trick is being able to realize this asap and skim the file first). If you feel like you have to read the file first but still want to learn how to use the library first (which is more efficient IMO), just try to do this: while you outline the cases/statutes try to "trust" them. What I mean by it is to just try to assume that if they are talking about something, the facts are going to talk about that something. If they are explaining rules (usually with lists of numbered requirements), you will most likely need them all.

Unfortunately, there is no way around the PTs. The more you do, the more comfortable you will feel about them.

This is my method:

1) Read task memo and draft title (eg: "memorandum"), introduction (which is the Issue of IRAC), and conclusion (if possible at this stage)
2) Read library and outline the law/rules
3) Write down the rules
4) Go to the library and get all the relevant facts and organize them (eg: paragraph 1 goes to rule 2(a))
5) Write down facts
6) Write/check conclusion
7) At any stage, whenever you feel lost, check the task memo to see if you are still on topic

I feel like barbri wants you to memorize a checklist that is too complicated and hard to use ("Call Dr T"... seriously?) where it could be summarized easily in one command: be responsive. I like to have a slim and very basic approach so I stay flexible and just try to be as responsive as possible. Just really listen to your boss in the task memo and pretend you are at work, that really helps.

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