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Studicata Study Materials

Postby cnk1220 » Fri May 11, 2018 3:12 pm

If anyone is interested in purchasing studicata study materials for the july 2018 bar (I used some of their stuff when I took the bar, they were in the beta phase at that time)- PM me for a discount code! :)


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Re: Studicata Study Materials

Postby Darn0 » Sun May 13, 2018 9:36 pm

Hey OP:

Thanks for the post. I am considering purchasing the 3 -Step Studicata Program for the July 2018 Exam. I was wondering what your experience with Studicata was like and if you had any additional info or review on it. The discount code would be a big help as well! Thanks so much.


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Re: Studicata Study Materials

Postby ubebarstudying » Tue May 15, 2018 2:54 pm

Darn0 wrote:Hey OP:

Thanks for the post. I am considering purchasing the 3 -Step Studicata Program for the July 2018 Exam. I was wondering what your experience with Studicata was like and if you had any additional info or review on it. The discount code would be a big help as well! Thanks so much.

Hi there!
I have a pretty comprehensive review on Studicata on my website as well as a discount code link on my website here: ... -discount/

However for ease of access I would say that if you only want to buy one part of their system, go with the attack outlines, but they really work well together and compliment one another and I bought all 3 parts. I also know that studicata has recently implemented some changes, such as having an affiliate program for product users to have an opportunity to earn commission (i.e., make your money back). However, I am not in that program because I wanted to make an objective review and when someone has a financial stake in something it is often left to the other party to try and weigh out the writer's interest versus the truth.

For your ease of access, here is the majority of my review that I posted for this past February's bar exam - just keep in mind that they do have some new additions to their July product that I have not seen yet, but keep a lookout for either Studicata or myself on Facebook because there is potential for bonus content to be released, and the Co-founder, Michael, has posted a number of videos on the studicata homepage as well as youtube and facebook explaining their system/methodology. The important aspects of my review are below, though you are free to peak at my site because I have some materials I have created and updated over the past year.

Mobile App: Yes, for flashcards.

What is it and What do you get? Studicata is a 3-in-1 product that includes detailed outlines (“Attack Outlines”), Flashcards, and short Summaries. In their words, you attack, drill, and master with each product, respectively.

Attack Outlines: The attack outlines cover every testable subject and its sub-topics in a well-organized, logical order and include the proper/necessary legal terminology, but in my opinion, are also worded in such a way as to promote understanding a concept rather than merely providing something to attempt to memorize. Understanding is key to the analysis and application of a rule, be it an essay or an MBE fact pattern.
The attack outlines are also beautiful in contrast to the black and white of bar prep company outlines, with color on topic headings and a colored scale ranging from orange to blue to grey, which shows the test frequency (and arguably the importance) of a rule or concept based on research conducted by Studicata of past Bar Exams. This is certainly where I would recommend starting. Remarkably, the attack outlines are also substantially shorter than the two outline books that bar prep companies send to you – my attack outline document is just under 200 pages, which I believe equates to roughly 3 MBE topic outlines. Honestly, I found that these were gold.

The Flashcards come in 3 different PDF files which give you different options on how to print them (i.e. front and back, foldable, etc.) and comes with an app. They are therefore exceptionally easy to print, and you can bring them wherever you go through the app.
Flashcards come for every topic testable on the UBE (MBE and MEE) and presumably for every topic tested in California and other territories. One of the great things about the flashcards is that they do not just cover rules and concepts, but there are also cards that focus solely on issues and gateway issues. In other words, Studicata has incorporated issue spotting and how certain analyses go into their flashcards. Thus, on top of drilling the rules, exceptions, and concepts, you can drill issue spotting and analysis, all of which are important to your essay writing.
The App: I am so impressed with the app that Studicata has developed that I feel the need to comment on it separately. This app comes with several different modes that are useful and allow the user to use several or a single study method to learn, including allowing the user to create custom study sets and even allow you to create folders to organize said study sets. The first study mode is Learn, where the user chooses a topic and goes through a set of flashcards, reading the substance of the card (be it a rule or an issue) and then the user must choose from 4 possible answers as to what the substance is. If you get a card incorrect, it alerts you and shows you the card a second time immediately thereafter for review. The next mode is Flashcards, which is the most like using physical flash cards – you read one side, swipe, and read the other. This mode also allows the user to “favorite” flashcards and for audio learners, you can click a button and the app will read the card to you. Write mode also has audio, or you can not turn your volume off and simply read one side of the flashcard, and you type (or “write”) the concept, rule, etc. and enter your answer. If you get one incorrect, it shows the correct answer and requires you to type it before moving on, which is another excellent way to retain information. Match mode shows a total of 12 cards (6 for one side, 6 for the other) and the user must match the name of the rule, statute, etc., with its definition. This may sound too easy, as process of elimination or carefully reading the cards would allow the user to figure out the match. While that may be true, I submit to you that that approach can help you learn. However, there is a catch: you are timed, so you have the time pressure component and can try to go faster each time. Not only is this a somewhat fun exercise, particularly in the context of studying for the Bar Exam, but in this blogger’s opinion the timer bringing in a speed component will prove fruitful when time demands you to recall rules or spot issues. Finally, there is Test mode, which is self-explanatory, but the user can customize the number of questions, whether you are tested by term or definition, and whether you want to answer by multiple choice, writing, or true/false (see below – click the thumbnail images to open a new tab and view full sized)

Update: After playing around a with the app a little more, I wanted to make mention of a feature I had yet to discover upon posting my initial review. The Studicata App allows you to set a test date (or, should you want to, an earlier date). By setting a test date and beginning your review of a topic on the app, the app will then send notifications based on your test date as a reminder to study or review for a certain topic. I am not sure as to what criteria goes into sending along a notification, but I would recommend starting at different times rather than going into the settings and setting every topic up at the same time. I did the latter after I had played around with the app on contracts, and I get reminders for all of those topics at the same time. However, I think (I could be wrong but I am sure a Studicata representative would be happy to answer this) that if you do the topics as they come up in your bar prep program or your bar study schedule, then you should theoretically get reminders at different times, as it does remind me to do contracts at a different time than all the other topics. Regardless of the methodology behind the reminders and days until your test, it is undoubtedly a helpful feature that – at least as of this past summer – even some bar prep program apps do not have (and I used one of the main/major companies).

Summaries: The summaries are condensed 2 to 4 page per subject summaries that list off the rules you should know and have memorized and therefore are not only good for their condensed nature but can be used in a number of ways. I know some people who used them towards the end of studying to make up for perhaps not studying as much or as hard as one should have on a topic or were used in the same manner due to the fact that studying for the bar can be difficult in and of itself, but life happens; if you get sick and are out of commission or there is a family emergency or something else that may throw a wrench in your study pattern, and thus this could be a fast way of catching up. However, I liked to use the summaries not only as review but as a checklist. I would put a check next to a rule that I had memorized, and highlight or circle any that I misunderstood or had not entirely memorized, which I found to be a very useful self-assessment tool.
Purchasing the Product: Examinees may purchase all 3 (or 4, counting the app) products separately for $97.00 each, or get the full package/ 3-in-1 bundle for $165 dollars, which saves more than $125.00. However, you can save more money with our special discount code.

I hope this helps!

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